Pianist   |   Composer   |   Arranger   |  Andréa Petrity Trio

"... and this wonderful jazz pianist has every note right ON it ... her piano style is totally unique and full of energy!" ~ Dick Metcalf, Improvjazzation Nation Magazine ... Full Review (scroll down page)

ap pianist2Andréa is a versatile musician who's musical interests and tastes takes her on many wonderful musical opportunities and journeys. 
Specializing in jazz piano, Andréa has a solid reputation as a fine and professional performer bringing passion and joy into her performances. Her sensitivity to the audience and musicians performing with her always gives a moving and enjoyable musical experience.

Andréa is available for bookings for events, functions, celebrations and can provide the perfect mood and the right ensemble/musical configuration for each occasion. 

"I don't like categories. What I do - as a piano player - is all about improvisation, listening and learning from the masters-both in the past and present-, trying to get inside of the harmony, rhythms and lyrics as much as I know how, listening and interacting with my fellow bandmates, allowing myself to be free in the moment, and taking risks. Every time I sit down to play and to write and to perform, I am taking risks."  Andréa Petrity