What people are saying about Andréa


"Andréa has a unique and beautiful combination of creativity, style, and pure jazz chops. She has a deep respect for both the music and musicians".

~ Frederick Tamagi - Musician and former owner, Café Koi

"Andréa is a sensitive and intelligent musician. She is pleasure to listen to and collaborate with".

~ Derek Stoll, Pianist

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Press Clippings ~ CD Reviews

Chirs Spector, of Midwest Record Review, has this to say about Andréa's It's About Time  ... "How are you not going to like a jazz piano lady with enough of a sense of humor to call one of her instrumental tracks “PMS”?  After getting your attention with that original, she goes on to get you with a mixed bag of chestnuts that never go out of style even when over exposed, like “Harlem Nocturne” and others.  A sweet and tasty diversion, she never fails to impress no matter which configuration of musos she’s showcasing in.  Solid stuff throughout."

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