Pianist   |   Composer   |   Arranger   |  Andréa Petrity Trio

"Her originals display virtuosity and chops. Jazz is everywhere ..." ~ George Fendel, Jazz Society of Oregon ... Full Review

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Everyone has something to say.  As long as we remain true to what we are hearing, thinking and feeling we will sound unique. The challenge is in digging deep inside oneself, staying true to what we are hearing, feeling, thinking ... then writing them down on paper.

Andréa is available to co-write with artists. 

Other examples of Andréa's compositions:

P.M.S. - from Andréa's debut CD - It's About Time,

It's About Time - from Andréa's debut CD

Mariana - performed live by MAPL

Monkeying Around - from MAPL's CD Canadian Songbook